Some tips about PC sleep

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Hello everyone,

I am facing a problem, when I am downloading something, my PC turns to sleep after a while. I don't want to make PC sleep while I am downloading. Please give me some tips.


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Some tips about PC sleep


Hello Zion,

To turn off the PC sleep mode please follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Go to start -> Control Panel.

2. Switch to classic view, this can be found on the left side of your screen to expand all the options.

3. Find Select Power Options

4. Just under the power scheme tab turn off the stand by mode. 

5. You can also change the timings of the stand by mode according to your need.

This will do the job for you.

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Some tips about PC sleep



Hi Zion Jamie,

In all PCs and Laptops, power management option is very useable and beneficial.  By default window has settings for power management.

When we remain our system idle, means when there is no mouse and keyboard usage for some time then Hard disk or other components turn off to save power.

You are also facing the same problem as I mentioned above. When you start downloading, your computer becomes idle in downloading time. So that system goes to sleep.

Right click on desktop, take properties. Then see under the screen saver tab, you will see a power button, click on it.

It will open a power management dialog box. Here you will see some power options like, turn off hard disk after 30 minutes. Turn off monitor after 20 minutes etc.

Now see sleeping time of your computer and increase it.

Then save these changes. You will never meet with this problem.


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