All about the custom block pages.

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I am very curious about custom block pages. What is this all about and what is the relevance of this in the growing technology. I am a researcher and I need your opinions.

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All about the custom block pages.




Custom Block Page is utilized to inform end users of the rule infringement. It contains reference to the URL, user’s IP address, the stabbing to be admitted and the type of the URL.  It can be applied in offering links to danger-ticketing system if preferred so the user can present a demand for analysis. It adds information about your associations Internet policies. Give a way for get in touch with a Websense administrator or Human Resources about Internet policies.


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All about the custom block pages.


A custom block page is actually just a page or an HTML page built from a series of JavaScript files, CSS, and HTML. A block page is used and displayed on the user’s web browser when you want to block a user from accessing content or a website.

This is pretty much helpful in an organization to block employees from further accessing social media sites such as Facebook during work hours. When a block page is in use, the user gets or is redirected to a page with information stating that the content or site he is trying to access is not available or not permitted. One example is the image below.


Block pages are also pretty common on antivirus and internet security programs when they detect phishing or malicious websites. When you visit an unknown website or download a content that has been reported and listed as malicious, the security program redirects you to its custom block page.


If you are a webmaster, you can use the default block pages included with your on-premises web protection software and also use it as a template for creating your own customized block pages.

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