Solution Of 0x0000012f Error In Windows 10

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I recently bought a gaming software from my friend on a pen-drive. When I try to run that software, I get 0x0000012f error in Windows 10, stating Bad image. What should I do to fix this?

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Solution Of 0x0000012f Error In Windows 10


There are many reasons due to which you can get 0x0000012f error. Maybe some files are missing in the software. Try these out –

Method 1 

Uninstall the software and install it again. Follow these steps to uninstall the software –

a. Open Run command box (search in the start menu).
b. Type appwiz.cpl.

c. Click on the software and uninstall it.
d. Install it again.

Method 2

It may happen that while copying, your friend ejected the pen-drive before the software was copied thoroughly. Ask him to copy it to the pen-drive again, and try to install it.

Method 3 

Do a system repair.
a. Search Command prompt in the start menu.
b. Run as Administrator.
c. Type sfc /scannow.
d. Press enter.

e. It may take time for the process to complete, so have patience.
f. Restart your device.
g. Try running the software.

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