Software or applications to find why network is slow

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The first two days of the week are usually days when our connection is sluggish, are there ways in regulating and identifying for the cause of delay? Are there also accessible software or applications – free of charge – that I can use for this? 

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Software or applications to find why network is slow


There could be numerous causes for a slow net work. Just have a look at few of the main causes:

1. There could be low virtual memory. In order to enhance this use windows disk cleanup tool available system tools folder.

2. A low band width connection will cause low volume of data pass through over a period of time hence making the connection slow and sluggish.

Listed down below are few applications which take care of all your slow network need which are resultant to your internet provider and not because of your computer.

Capsa Network Analyzer.

Capsa is a real time portable analyzer to watch and fix the reasons why your net work is slow, It works well with 64bit editions of Windows XP, Server 2003, vista, windows 2008 and windows 7. In hardware you must have minimum 2.8 GHz processor, 2 GB RAM, and Internet explorer 6 Installed. It works for both LAN and WAN. While applying Caspsa to your system you should keep these requirements in mind otherwise it may not give any positive results, lest it makes the network more slow.

A free version of capsa for networks security and analysis is also available. You can check it at

Apart from Capsa Following Network speed up applications are available.

Tweak Master is another application to speed up your internet but it is not free, however available for a free trial at

Free Internet Speed up is another application which has built in automatic ping mode with full controls over ping intervals, host and sound. It is a freeware and available at

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Software or applications to find why network is slow



Hi Uaskme39,

To know the reason why network is running slow you need to have a network performance monitor software that can detect your network traffic. We can find lots of open source network management tools in the net. Like Zenoss core, Hyperic, Nagios and many more. To know why the first two days of the week the network is running very slow.

The same thing happened to our network before and we found out that there are more non work related websites browsed than work related. So we tried port forwarding software to limit access of browsing non work related websites. Hope this helps.

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