Software error message when trying to scan

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Hello Everyone,

I got a software error message “4,[(3,42,0)] when trying to scan using the Solution Centre. There is no problem in scanning the device utility for 1 page at a time. I am using Windows 7 and having good configuration in my system. I have also contacted HP support and uninstalled and reinstalled but still got no positive result. Can someone help me on how can I scan several pages at a time? Any help would be highly appreciated.

Thank you in Advance

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Software error message when trying to scan



The 4 3 42 0 problem is caused by the DPI setting you have in windows 7. If you untick the preview scan option the scan completes as normal. I tried removing and reinstalling the applications and still the problems persisted. The issue is with the HP scanning 13 software.


These days alot of people have widescreen monitors with high resolution set. The DPI setting can be used to increase the font/icon size to make it easier to read. I changed the DPI setting in display properties back down to normal from the custom one I had at 110%. Then the previewing window came up full screen ok and no 4 3 42 0 error occured when doing a scan.


Next i changed the DPI back to custom 110%, relogged back in again and tried the scan again. This time the Preview window opened up full screen and no 4 3 42 0 error occured.


Hope this will help you.

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