Smiler v1.07c installation help needed

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Hi there Experts! I have just recently got my new Android and my friend suggested me to install Smiler's latest version in it. Can anybody tell me in details about what is this Smiler app and how is it going to be useful to me? Please also provide a trusted download link from where I can download this latest app. Any additional information related to the app can also be added with your answer. Thanks.

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Smiler v1.07c installation help needed


Hi there Corin Ronie,

Smiler is a simple Android Application for viewing your internet quote database that are collected together.
Smiler supported many languages such as English, French, German, Spanish, and other languages.
With Smiler you can save your favourite quotes that you can easily find and share them  to your friend.
you can send your favourite quote using e-mail, sms, Instant Messaging, Social Network (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc).


Smiler have a resources list that you can update if your favourite quotes is not in database by sending link to smiler admin.

This is the whole list of quote databases :
English: (Featured) (Latest 50, Random 50, Browse) (Latest Approved, Statistically Best, Top of All Time, Random) (Home, Top, Random) (Browser, Top, Random) (Browser, Top, Random) (Тор, Random) (Home, Random) (Home) (Text)

French: (Accueil, Tops, Aléatoire) (Derniers ajouts, Top 50, Aléatoires) (Nouveautes, Top 100, Flop 100, Aléatoires) (Top du Top, Top du jour) (Nouveautés, Parcourir, Aléatoire) (Nouveautés, Parcourir, Aléatoire)

German: (Start, Favoriten, Zufall) (Neu, Beste, Zufall) (Neues, Durchsuchen, Zufall) (Neu, Beste, Zufall) (Die letzten 50)

Russian: ( (Новые, Случайные, Лучшие, По рейтингу, Бездна, Топ Бездны, Лучшее Бездны) (По дате, По рейтингу) (Свежие, Лучшие) (Новые, Любые) (Главная, Лучшие , Случайные) (RSS) (Последние, Бездна) (Последние, Случайные) (Главная, Рандом) (Новые, Случайные) (Главная, Случайные) (Новые, Случайные) (Главная, Случайные) (только текст) (ресурс read only)

Other: (Inicio, Top, Aleatorio) (Home, Top, Casuale) (Najnowsze, Top) (Ana sayfa, En iyi, Rastgele)


You can download Smiler application from Google Play :

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Smiler v1.07c installation help needed


Hello Corin,

Smiler is a simple application for the comfortable viewing of internet quote database. There are so many languages which support in this application, like Spanish, German, French, etc.. Smiler is designed to while away the time in queue, when traveling by transport or you are at any where in the world. Its an interesting software. Smiler saves your favorite quotes so you can find it easily and can share it with your friends.

In Smiler's new version (v1.07) they add some new features from its older versions, like

  • 1.07b ptr lib fix
  • UI fix
  • FC database fix
  • ABS, PTR library update

At the moment smiler can get quotes of such resources as,,, etc.. There are lot of resources for this application. And also there is an auto uploader in it for making things easier.

The download link is given below

Hope you get the answer

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