How to play NFS The Run on lan games?

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Is there anyone here knows how to play NEED FOR SPEED THE RUN in LAN Games?

Please tell me how to., cause i want with my friends to play this game.

Thanks in advance

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How to play NFS The Run on lan games?


Hello Renanteabril,

If you want to play a multiplayer game you need to download any program first to play in LAN. Register yourself on the website you downloaded the program. Search need for speed and enter to that room. Click LAN. You will see many servers, join any of it. Suggest to your friends to join the same server.


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How to play NFS The Run on lan games?


Hi Renanteabril

It is impossible to play the game Need for Speed RUN on LAN, because the previous game was Need for Speed Shift 2 did not have LAN supported.

It is because EA exclude this support intentionally their “Fight against piracy”.

Well there are many ways to play this game as a multiple player on VPN.

Which you need software and I would prefer you “Tunngle”  tool where you have to install it and make yourself registered and start search this game invite you friends make a room and play this game. ENJOY


Johnstoon Leen

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How to play NFS The Run on lan games?


Though other users say you cannot but there are users who say you can. Try this method if it’ll work since I haven’t actually played the game yet. If you’ll be playing “Need for Speed: The Run” on a Wi-Fi network with or without internet connection, all players should be on the same area connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

This is because a Wi-Fi network has only a few meters in diameter and you will not be able to connect if you’re too far from the signal. Also, you will have a bad network connection if you are receiving a weak signal from the Wi-Fi network. Anyway, here’s how to do it. On the system tray, right-click on the network icon or the LAN icon and select Status.

On the Local Area Connection Status window, click Properties.

In General tab, under “This connection uses the following items”, scroll down and select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), and then click Properties.

In Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties window, in General tab, click Advanced.

In Advanced TCP/IP Settings window, in IP Settings tab, uncheck “Automatic metric” at the bottom and enter without quotes “4” if there are four players who’ll be playing “Need for Speed: The Run” or enter the number of players then click OK all throughout.

After this, right-click on the “Need for Speed: The Run” icon on your desktop, point to “Run as”, and then select Administrator. And then just do the same thing when creating a server in “Need for Speed” from LAN Play options. And that’s it. See if this works.

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