Shut down problem with my Toshiba laptop

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Hello all,

Last week I purchased a new Toshiba Satellite C50-BBT2N11 Laptop with Windows 7 on it.

The main issue is that it is not shutting down properly. When I click the shutdown option just the screen closes the front page and spinning the shutdown icon. After taking 30-40 minutes I am only forcefully doing shutdown by Pressing on the button. After that if I start again, it is showing the error message that windows are not shut down properly.

What is actually going on here? Can somebody please suggest me to fix this issue. Thanks for your help in advance guys!

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Shut down problem with my Toshiba laptop


When the Shutting Down Windows screen appears and the laptop halts without doing anything, then there is a service that refuses to close. That service is either frozen, or did not receive the terminate command from the operating system.

Fixing this problem can be done by downloading CCleaner for Windows.

CCleaner is a free software that will clean your computer of any unwanted registry tweaks or services that seem to be alien to the operating system, and it will also speed up your computer by deleting unnecessary bloated files that take up too much space.

Disabling services manually is not recommended because there are processes that depend one on another, by closing one without knowing what it does could create a chain reaction that will make your Windows unusable.

After using CCleaner, it is recommended to reboot the computer. CCleaner is most effective when run at least once at every two weeks.

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