100% CPU Usage by SVCHOST

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Hi techy people,

I have recently noticed that my computer has become very slow and hangs a lot. Most of the times I need to restart it. After restarting, it works ok for a few minutes and then becomes very slow again and hangs as soon as I start opening different applications. 

I checked the task manager and noticed that my CPU usage is 100% and that a SVCHOST process is causing this. What is this process and how can i prevent it from using all of my CPU processing power?

When I stop this process after a while it starts up back by itself. 

I have Windows 7 installed on my machine.

Please help.

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100% CPU Usage by SVCHOST


Svchost.exe is a windows special file. Open the Windows Task Manager and click “ Show Processes from all users” and you will see all the processes running currently . According to Microsoft svchost.exe is “Host Processes for Windows Services” . Windows OS contains many *.dll files. It means dynamic link library.

It contains the API so that is an Application Programming Interface. All the dll files are used for different purposes and all are necessary. But some time virus does make some problems or while running dll files with the help of svchost.exe file, some programming bug may lead to your situation.

So you have to detect the problem where it is coming from. To do so you have to these steps:

1. Open the Windows Task Manager.

2. Go to the Processes tab.

3. Enable Show processes from all users.

4. Find the svchost.exe file that is making your problem.

5. Right click on it and click Go to Service(s).

This will take you to the Services tab. This will highlight all the related services. Now you know the problem services and you can stop them. To stop the services follow the steps:

1. Click Start menu and then right click on Computer.

2. Select Manage ( This will need Administrative privilege).

3. Double click on Services and Applications.

4. Then click Services.

5. Search the services you found in Windows Task Manager.

6. Once you have found the service, double click on that service.

7. A window will come and then click Stop to stop the service.

Now you have stopped the problem service.

Note that this may lead to some other problems. Before you do anything try some good updated Antivirus programs to search and kill the virus or virus like programs if you have any. Carefully check all your running application softwares are Windows 7 ready specially those programs runs on OS start. Check your start up programs and try Uninstalling some programs you recently installed. Hope you find your solution.

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100% CPU Usage by SVCHOST


Svchost is an Operating system executable file and it automatically executes as the windows loads. Basically what it does is to check different services in OS. These services include Automatic Update of windows, so what you have to check is that your automatic update is not activated if so turn it off. Secondly it also checks the Windows Themes. So check this service also. 

You cannot disable this automatic. Although you can disable the services this program uses. Also see that there is no VIRUS is in your PC who is working on your windows registry such VIRUS also causes the execution of the program and thus can make your PC speed less. In such case run a full scan to your computer.

To check the VIRUS you can also use this software, on the following link:https://www.neuber.com/free/svchost-analyzer/efen

I hope this will help you a lot.


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