How to solve viewing list of programs problem in control panel?

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Hello all,

I am having problem in viewing the installed programs in programs and features of the control panel. I have several programs installed in my windows 7 OS.

But I could see just 4 of them which don’t show any size and uninstall option when I see it as a list view and at the bottom of the page the total size of the currently installed programs is shown showing 0 byte.

I am not looking every program, installed in my PC, on the program list of control panel. I do not that how to solve this sort of problems. It may be a matter of some simple clicks. But, I do not know the right way. I am in need of that help to solve this problem.

Thank you all friends.

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How to solve viewing list of programs problem in control panel?


Since you have Windows 7, I understand that this is a newly installed software or operating system. There are a number of reasons why this happened. Also, I am not sure if your computer is new or it is just the OS that is newly installed. Anyway, read on and see if these would help:

1. If you recently installed your Windows 7, you may need to reinstall it since it may not have been installed properly. However, if it is a new pc which has the OS installed, we just need to check the settings.

2. In order to check the programs installed on your computer other than the Control, you can also check your C: drive. Just click on "My Computer" then go to Hard Drives section then click on the C drive. Look for the folder Program Files and you will see your installed programs there.

3. You may also want to run the programs to check if they were installed properly. Just look for the .exe file in the specific Programs folder to run the program. If the program does not run, chances are, it did not install properly.

4. On the Control Panel Section, you may also want to check if the option for "Show Hidden Files" is unchecked. Just click on the option to select it so your hidden files will be shown. You can do this on the Control Panel then choose Folder Options. In the "view" section, click on "Hide Known File Types" to uncheck it.

5. You can also do a System Restore to restore the default settings on your computer. To initiate system restore, click on the "Start" button. On the search field, just type "system restore" and it will appear as one of the options. Just click on the System Restore" option. Make sure that you are logged in as Administrator. If not, just ask for the Administrator password if it prompts you to. A System Restore Wizard will show. The steps are very easy to follow. Just choose the C Drive to restore. It will ask you to restart your computer once the Wizard is finished.

6. You may also be logged on as Guest user, therefore if the programs were installed using the Administrator access, you won't see all programs. In order to check, click on the Start button the right click All Programs then choose Open All Users.

7. You can also check on this folder: C:ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsMicrosoft Office. Just type it on the address bar or when you have a folder open. Create shortcuts in this location if possible.

8. Also, the 4 programs that you currently see on your Control Panel view, try to click on it and see if there will be an option to check the properties.

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How to solve viewing list of programs problem in control panel?


If your system was not configured well, then this kind of problem can occur. Virus attacks, overwriting essential file etc.

Provide these kinds of situations. As a solution for them I recommend you to use a recovery program which can be downloaded from the Internet. But be careful when you use software like that.

Download it from a trusted site.

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