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Five students in our dormitory jointly acquired a 2 Mbps DSL connection.

We have attached a Wi-Fi router with this connection, and all five are using laptops connected with this Wi-Fi, in our separate rooms.

But recently we are facing the problem that if any one of the student start downloading some heavy program or game, of course using some downloading agent like  “Internet download manager” etc., the other laptops either stops browsing or the browsing of different sites becomes very slow.

We have concluded that this issue is due to the usage of bandwidth being utilized for downloading, and agree that the if possible the bandwidth should be restricted / divided / fixed for each user. This means that each user can have 400kpbs.

I would like to ask as to how we can perform this restriction and fix this bandwidth to each user?


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Hi, this can be done but you will need to use some programs, the best program known in this area is Netlimiter, this program will allow to limit the bandwidth for each user so every one will have it's own part, and won't use other's . Of course you need to know that this program is paid for its pro version and you will have, as you are a student, use the light version, which is restricted in some of the interesting features but its does the job. This is the link for the website :

hope this helps 


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Dear Xavierra.

As you told that you are using 2MB Connection Via Wireless Router. The main issue you are facing is slow speed of internet while downloading a file using IDM. I tell you that IDM is a download manager that fetches / gets / and enforce all the bandwidth of Internet Connection to downloading. So, you are 5 members for using single connection. If one downloads any file using IDM, the other 4 will waiting and can not browse anything. You must do the followings to restrict each user to gain a specific bandwidth.

1. Open Wireless Router Interface, Suppose you have Linksys Router then open Internet explorer (Browser).

2. Type and press Enter.

3. Username and Password will be "admin". Enter it and press Login.

4. Wireless Router Window will be opened. Here you give the manual Speed of Bandwidth to the users.

Another way is to control the Maximum bandwidth, is that you restrict the IDM to download at the specific Rate. Set the download rate of IDM in IDM manager window. You have 5 users, so you must set the download rate of each user's IDM at 50Kbps. You can change it whenever you want.

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5 Laptops are on WiFi network sharing 2mbps Internet speed, while other cpe is downloading video games, definitely the Internet speed will either slow of stop working.

Yes, this is something to do with the Internet bandwidth. This can be divided 400kbps each computers but for sure, 400kbps is slow when browsing a website.

Best thing to do here is, whenever 1 user is downloading then let the other stop using the Internet. You'll need to manage the Internet usage and schedule the time when is the best to download video games. 2mbps Internet speed is not that slow but if 5 of you are using, it'll definitely decreased the speed. Specially if 1 is downloading video.

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