Sentence flowing in another row

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When I am working in MS- Excel, I tried to copy row to row. But it became like below:


Flowing in another row. I can't change the settings. There is an auto save mode in my Excel. I tried to change it but failed. What can I do now? I'm using MS Office 2007 in Windows 7.

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Sentence flowing in another row



  • Your problem is not a big issue and this type of issues are normally not solved by some software but it can be solved by changing a little bit of settings inside Excel. 
  • So firstly what I suggest to you is more appropriate and an easy one to handle the Excel file and its cells and it that you can increase the size of rows by drag and drop system.
  •  Then you see there let's suppose you increase the “D” column its size is increased now so you can increase the size of your columns as much as your lines are which you wants to copy. So it solved your problem.
  • Another way is that you can go to the TAB of settings of excel and then change the page setting there and set the widths and lengths of your sheet’s column and rows then you can paste your lines easily in Excel sheet.


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Sentence flowing in another row



The issue you have mentioned is about a very common one and for solutions you must need to make some changes in the settings of your Excel file, because without settings change, it seems like impossible to work with.

  • Firstly, drag and drop the width of the column you want to expand, or you can also set the width by right clicking on the desired column, then select column width, a dialog box will appear, set the desired width and click Ok for setting.

If this does not work as you required, then you need to make some changes in settings. For that you need to copy the required material from the source:

  • Double click on the desired destination column in the Excel file.
  • And then paste it in the location.
  • After that reset the width and height of the column in both directions (column wise and row wise direction) as you required.
  • After that whenever you will paste any thing in that column’s rows, it will be just in the field width you have set.

But one thing you need to understand, it’s not possible to view all the material in the column’s row in this case. If the pasted material is more than the width and height of the column, then it will hide some data, but you can see the material by click on that column’s row. You can also make changes and cuttings. The contents of the column will be displayed in “Fx” formula bar, and behind it.

Hope so this will help you. For more, ask me freely.

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