See-through power source in developing translucent digital gadgets

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I’ve been reading this weird information about a new developed cell. It is called transparent-battery. How does it look like? What’s it made of? How does it work? Does it need any connectors like usb or any battery connector? What is the dimension? Does it look like the old batteries but transparent? Is it already being manufactured and ready for release in the market? What are the benefits of this transparent battery? Can it be used in cell phones or laptops?

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See-through power source in developing translucent digital gadgets


Hello Angela!

This is a lithium ion battery developed by Yuan Yang at Stanford University.

It is a see-through electronic battery, foldable and light in weight. It has cathode and anode (+ and -) on both opposite sides. At this moment the developers at Stanford University are using alligator clips to recharge this battery. So far no information how it will look like once they have a fully designed marketable product. Lithium Ion battery charges faster the regular batteries.

This will simple eliminate the bulky and hard typed battery. With this battery, it is possible now that a smartphone will be developed in the near future with clear-less and glass like design (see-thru).

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