The Sony pen drive does not show any file or folder

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Hello, I am using a Sony pen drive couple of years, but last week, it’s does not show any file or folder. I was cleaned “Advanced Options – clean files” with the AVG antivirus software. I also check “properties” and no hidden files are there. How can I fix this problem? Thank You

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The Sony pen drive does not show any file or folder



Pendrives are quite less powerful than HDD and so, after using a lot, they become burnt inside. Though it can’t be understood, their life gradually decreases after each usage.

Each pendrive has a life time. It has a small flash memory inside it that stores data. If the pendrive is used heavily, the memory is highly read and written, and so the memory turns out gradually. If used heavily, they become outdated and dead.

According to your information, you’ve used the pendrive for couple of years. That’s a quite long time for any pendrive. It might be dead and so, unable to serve any more.

You can give a disk checking task to identify if anything is wrong with the pendrive.

1. From Start Menu, go to Computer.

2. Right-click on your pendrive >> select “Tools”.

3. Under “Error-checking”, click “Check now”.

4. Check the both ticks and click “Start”.

See the result. It fixes almost all general issues with pendrives.

Start an elevated Command Prompt, run "attrib -h -r -s /s /d x:*.*" where 'X' is your pendrive's drive lettter.

If possible, get a better and new pendrive or you can have a replace from the shop where you bought it. Pendrives have lifetime warranty, so nothing to worry.

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