Want To Learn How To Make a t1 Loopback Plug Pinout

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Hi, I am a high-school student and am very interested in electronic stuff. I want to know if I can make my own t1 loopback plug pinout. Please also give information if it’s safe, and what all materials I am going to need. Thanks!

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Want To Learn How To Make a t1 Loopback Plug Pinout


Hi, I am glad that electronics interest you. Yes, it’s safe for you to make it but adult supervision would be good anyway.

First, get hold of a phone wire and cut two pieces which are both about twelve inches long.

For the next step, you have to buy the following :

1. A crimping tool of specifications RJ45

2. A crimp on plug of specifications RJ45

Remember that for a T1 loop, the pin-out is pin one to pin four, and pin two to pin five. Now, very carefully put one side of the wire you cut into pin one and the other into pin four on RJ45 plug. Do the same with the other wire and the pin two and pin five. Finally, use the crimping tool to provide a crimp to the plug.

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