Security in online storage facilities

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Hello there!

Lately, I have been hearing a lot on, online storage facility called Dropbox. I just want to know if it’s actually safe for me to upload all my important files there, like documents that contain passwords in them.

I am looking forward to your response.

Thank you.

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Security in online storage facilities


Hi Sheely,

Dropbox is a free file hosting service operated by private company. It uses cloud storage where you can store and share files across the internet using synchronization. Originally established on 2007 somewhere in Houston. This is a free and paid depending on the services you want. It accepts what ever flatform, is either Windows , Mac, Linux and from Cellphone like Nokia, Ericsson etc.  Every user has it's free 2GB online storage up to 8GB. Although right now there where many competitor on this kind of services like, FilesAnywhere etc, 
As i mentioned drop box is free, safe and has a high storage of files this technology can simplify our life in terms of storage. You don't need to store a huge amount of files in your home, instead you just simply upload it in the internet. Dropbox has a lot of feature including the security, it has an encryption depending on the security your want and also has a password. Right now must people enjoy uploading their videos, pictures to this site or valuable installer.
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Security in online storage facilities


This so-called Dropbox is an online business that offer online storage facility. The main concern of these so-called subscriber is if Dropbox is secured. Dropbox takes there business seriously, they have this engineers that maintain there I.T needs.

It uses the same functions of most bank website used. It has it's own pathway on the Internet for secure online transactions. It stored data without vulnerability of getting stolen by someone else.

The files are has backed-up with security password encryptions to safeguard your data files. It prohibits employee to view the content of the files stored. They are bound to the rules and regulations, and employ with physical and electironical security that protects users from unauthorized intruders.

The advantage of Dropbox is that they uses SSL or secure socket layer and AES-256 bits encryption codes.

It is designed to get protected by intruders and unauthorized access. The files can't be search on the Internet but can be viewed by people who have the links. It uses Amazon's Simpoe Storage Service as storage haven that has robust policy type of security.

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