How to Get Out on a Manipulated DNS Server?

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I have a wordpress blog. When I log in, the URL doesn't show me www. I log into a manipulated DNS server request. How can I come out of this? Please, urgent help needed.

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How to Get Out on a Manipulated DNS Server?



Take note of the important DNS security practices are:
• You should provide a separate view of your DNS towards your internal and external users or customers if your Organization has an intranet.
• You must prevent zone transfers
• You must limit as to who can create queries
• You must harden the Operating System on which DNS server resides to the level of bastion host
• You must use internal firewall to block all unused ports in order to prevent exploitation of remote vulnerabilities (e.g. RPC vulnerabilities, although mostly RPC services are not running on DNS server).
You need to divide DNS servers into internal and external in a Firewall environment. The most common DNS checks can be done using the command ""dig"" (Domain Information Groper). For example, the command:
dig -t txt -c chaos [email protected]
This will query for the BIND Version running on your DNS name server. You will be able block this capability using in named.conf:
options {
    version ""0.1"";
However, there are many subtle things that you may not grasp in manual checks, so using hardening tools are important. They will not guarantee anything as your understanding of the DNS infrastructure can be matched by the tools but they can help you determine some blunders and inconsistencies.
Complete all of these.
I hope your problem will be solved.  

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