Seal dvb dongle caused my Machine to reboot.

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I have been configuring my seal dvb dongle. I look up to the settings of Seal USB DVB-T Dongle with chipset value of dibcom7070. While trying to configure it, my machine automatically rebooted. I never done anything so far outside the setup instruction and there is no even pop up warnings and error message. Machine just reboot without any warning. So I uninstalled it and tried to reinstall it again but I am having the same issue. Has anybody experience the same dilemma while configuring the setup?

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Seal dvb dongle caused my Machine to reboot.


This might be because of an issue with your system or either the Seal USB DVB-T Dongle. Things you might want to do are;

  1. Check the requirements if it meets your system requirements to run.
  2. If it meets the requirements, try using it in a different USB port.
  3. It that does not work out try installing a fresh operating system. If you have an older operating system, just try updating it.
  4. Check your system’s RAM.  There could be a hardware problem with the system if everything is alright. So try to check your system hardware if you have a hardware issue in the system or not.
  5. If your system is working fine, you have an updated and fresh operating system installed and you have checked using all the ports as well then try to consult the store you purchased the Seal USB DVB-T Dongle from. Try to get a replacement and check if there’s not an issue with the Seal USB DVB-T Dongle.
  6. If your system works fine when you uninstall the program then there’s definitely a problem with the Seal USB DVB-T Dongle. Go get it replaced.

Hope it would work out for you.


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