“Script error” while trying to run Plugin on MS Excel

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I have a plugin, but it doesn’t open or run in MS Excel or MS Word. I get the following script error from Excel. Please help.

Script Error

An error has occurred in the script on this page.

Line: 16350

Char: 1

Error: Invalid argument.

Code: 0

URL: https:/js.zohostatic.com/sheet/v37_1 1_1/js/sheet.js

Do you want to continue running scripts on this page?

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“Script error” while trying to run Plugin on MS Excel



This problem can be overcome through the following relatively simple process:

In resources, you should go ahead and click on the Microsoft internet runtime link that is provided

You may then scroll down the page and look for the runtime error that you have faced and are prone to, this takes you to a fresh page that offers a link to a download that should address your problem

You may then select “fix the problem” to initiate a download of the software. This download will be saved somewhere on your hard drive, either in the downloads folder or on your desktop it is not rare to have it in both locations in some instances

You can then proceed to double click on the downloaded file to launch the wizard that will guide you through the installation process. Follow through with the instruction and when you are through the runtime error should be a thing of the past


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“Script error” while trying to run Plugin on MS Excel


The script you are trying to execute is linked to a JS file which is located in “https://js.zohostatic.com/sheet/v37_11_1/js/sheet.js”. The file you want to execute is located on a different server online and you need to connect to the internet to access the file. I guess your computer is offline or is not connected to the internet when you started the script in Microsoft Office Excel.

I think the solution would be simple, make sure your computer is connected to the internet and can access different sites before executing the script in Microsoft Office Excel. This way, the script can freely access the file on the other server when it is launched. That’s the reason why an “Invalid argument” error was encountered when the script was started because it points to a non-existent path because of no connection.

In case you have already downloaded the “sheet.js” file that is directed in the path, edit the script that you are running and replace the path of the “sheet.js” file with its actual location on your hard drive. It should be working after that.

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