Screen flickers in windows 10 during usage.

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My screen flickers when I use my system and open up some applications, I don’t know what is causing it although it only started happening after updating to windows 10. Solution?

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Screen flickers in windows 10 during usage.


The very first step to solve the problem is to find the cause of the issue. The flickering may be due to either an application or a display driver malfunctioning.

To check this open the task manager, if the screen stops flickering then it is being caused by an application , if it does not then it is being caused by a display driver.

  • Open each of the apps separately which are open during the flickering and find which one is causing the problem and uninstall it.
  • If it is the driver causing the problem then go to settings and then select Update & security > Windows Update > Check for updates. This will solve the problem.
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Screen flickers in windows 10 during usage.


If this problem started happening after upgrading to Windows 10 then it is not new. I, myself, got interested on Microsoft Windows 10 and tried searching for an ISO download. But after learning about some issues with the latest Microsoft Windows operating system, I decided not to continue with the download. It seems the system still has bugs to fix. When I say bugs, I don’t mean few bugs.

There are still problems with program compatibility with other applications. I found some applications that support Windows 10 but after users tried it on Windows 10, different problems start coming up. The operating system still needs more work to match the stability of Windows XP and Windows 7 as well as Windows Vista since there are still users using it.

If your screen flickers after opening a program, try updating your graphics adapter’s drivers to the latest version that supports Windows 10. If your video card’s drivers don’t support Windows 10 but you can install it on the system, that’s probably the reason why your screen flickers. Make sure your drivers support Windows 10.

If there are no available drivers for Windows 10, if upgrading your video card to the one that supports Windows 10 is not an option then you should stop using Windows 10. If you have an ASUS video card, go to ASUS Support. If you have an S3 graphics adapter, go to S3 Graphics Download Drivers.

If you have an NVIDIA graphics adapter, go to NVIDIA Driver Downloads. If you have an ATI Radeon video card, go to AMD Graphics Drivers and Software. If you have a built-in Intel graphics adapter, go to Intel Support Drivers and Software. If you have a Matrox graphics adapter, go to Driver and Software Download.

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