Can I use desktop 24 hours a day?

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I'm just wondering if I can use my desktop 24 hours a day without shutting down? I have an online job which requires me to use my computer almost 24 hours a day 5 days a week.

Is there any risk if I use it 14 to 24 hours a day? If yes, please let me know what are those risk. I'm just afraid that my computer won't work anymore if I use it almost 24 hours a day. I'll be waiting for your comments/solutions. Thanks.


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Can I use desktop 24 hours a day?



Hello there!
Maybe your not concerned about energy conservation but leaving your computer on will wear out the components much faster. Computers are designed to operate at consistent temperatures that is why they have cooling fans.
When your system is turned on, the cooling fans will continue to keep the computers case cool and all the other components operating in a consistent temperature.
It is very possible that by keeping your computer turned on for five days could shorten the life span of your cooling fans. But, is it really worth worrying about? Some people say that shutting down your pc every now and then can damage your hard drive.
That is because of the fact that whenever you turn on your hard drive, it will experience a surge of electricity that will make it spin its platter to a speed of 10000 rpm. So, turn the pc off or on?
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Can I use desktop 24 hours a day?


Hi jasmine,

Yes if you want to run your computer for 24 hours then you can surely keep it running keeping in mind that you provide a suitable environment for the computer to run smooth.

The major problem occurs due to running machine for so much time is due to HEAT! Hope you have good ventilated cabinet so that excess amount of heat generated will not matter that much.

Also heat is the significant factor which can result in system crashes and can also harm your motherboard and CPU. So, it recommended that keep your machine in cool environment and if you are going to keep it on for 24 hours then turn on the AC periodically to keep it cool to avoid problems.


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Can I use desktop 24 hours a day?


Hi Jasmin,

Yes you can use your computer for 24 hours a days, but there are challenges that may be posed to your health and the computer during the process that you have to be aware of. Health wise you have to know that staying up for 24 hours is not good for your brain,for it may result to mental problems.

Also staring at the computer for long may result to eye problems, so you need to use anti-glares. For the computer, assuming that it is a laptop then you have to ensure that you remove the battery and connect the charger direct to the power source, just to ensure that the lifespan of your battery is not affected.

Hope this helps.



Lee Hung.

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Can I use desktop 24 hours a day?


Most call center use computers 24/7, means constant use without turning the computer off. Of course, the computer installed is in high specification and not sub-standards.

All hardware components, software installed plays big factor if you need computer turned on in 24 hour period. You must have all these types of hardware to function properly without burning computer parts inside. Of course, you need to use power and energy, so you need to have electrical wiring that doesn't have power interruptions.

You need to have a computer cooler to cool down computer hardware inside. Call center company of course, their office is air-conditioned and maintained the temperature all day long. This make computer hardware components maintained in the right heat and prevent from overheating.

So, the answer to your question is Yes.

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