The basic precautions to adhere in the use of a laptop charger

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What are the basic safety measures to be considered in the use of a HP laptop charger? How do one relate to the cables of the charger to preserve its potent functionality? What are the likely technical problems to be considered to occur with the use of HP laptop charger? Thank you.

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The basic precautions to adhere in the use of a laptop charger


Any laptop charger needs proper care as with the laptop itself. As with my experience with my sister’s Acer Aspire laptop, we encountered a problem with the cable of the charger after several years of use. It seems that when you normally fold the cable and fix it with a rubber band, for example, every time you keep it after each use, the wires inside the cable get damaged in the long run.

When this happens, the charger will no longer charge your laptop and if you don’t know how to fix it, you will end up buying a new charger for your laptop. This is fine as long as the new charger is designed for your laptop but the fact that you are no longer using the original charger, that’s bad news for me.

So, to avoid the internal wires of the cable from getting broken, you can place the charger in a special bag so the cable will not be folded too much. When you always fold the cable in a specific manner, the part of the cable where it is folded is where the damage is likely to occur.

And to fix the cut in the internal wires of the cable is like finding a needle in the hay stack. You need to guess which part of the cable is the cut by bending and folding the parts of the cable with your fingers until you zero in on the spot where the cut is possibly located.

While doing this, the charger needs to be connected to the AC outlet and to the laptop as if you are only charging your machine. You will know the possible location of the damage if your laptop starts charging and then disconnects again. This method is actually impractical and consumes time but works for me. It is better to purchase a new charger than do all these.

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