Scanner cannot scan entire page – settings support

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I have recently purchased a scanner and it seems that it is only scanning half the page rather than full page. I do not know much of the settings and cannot understand whether this is a problem with the hardware or settings. Kindly someone guide me through the process so that I can check for sure what is causing the problem.

Alfred Martin

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Scanner cannot scan entire page – settings support


Hi there ,

It seems you need help regarding scanning using a scanner and it seems you are only getting half the page . 

This might be of many causes. 

But before that make sure the following things are OK :- 

1. Printer data cable are connected correctly to the PC back and also at the printer side port.

2. Make sure you have placed the page accurately without any fold or the page part which is to be scanned is not outside the glass area of the scanner.

If still didn’t worked means try the following :- 

1. Please try re-installing the scanner driver software by inserting the CD that came with the scanner. 

2. Or if its missing the try finding the scanner model number and then search in google with the manufacturer name and model number for the driver. 


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Scanner cannot scan entire page – settings support


You need to be specific on your question, you need to be familiarize on your scanner settings, its easy to just adjust the size of the picture on whatever you like. We can find the adjustment for your scanner on Finding the Resample and Scaling Menu Options

.But there are several programs that we can use, so we just use the generic terms.Scaling option can be described as changing the image dimension or resolution but keeping the size of the file.While resampling on the other hand is always changing the image size in pixels.

No matter what program you use like for examples, adobe photo deluxe, adobe photo shop, corel photo paint, microsoft photo editor 3.0, we need to focus on changing the size of the photo and usually you need to do some adjustment on the settings section of your scanner.

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