Scan Motor Code 0010 0010 and SC 0110

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Scan Motor Code 0010 0010 and SC 0110

My Roland SC-545EX stops the printer head on the middle of printing job. The print head doesn’t move to its home position and stacked where the printing was stopped. There where error code displayed on the printer panel says Scan Motor Code 0010 0010 or SC 0110. Please help!

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Scan Motor Code 0010 0010 and SC 0110


Hello Eloise,

Well as we know Roland SC-545EX is a large-format printer with a feature of combining high speed with high print quality that uses both uncoated and coated media.

Before handling this problem can you give us a small detail of what was lastly happen of the unit Roland SC-545 EX?

Hope that in media jamming, you perform the exact procedure on how to remove the media inside the machine because it affects the rotation of the motor. The recommended media used.

When it comes to this error code or service call your printer exactly correct in giving you a code SC 0110 that there really is happening in the scanner motor. Probably one components of printer may have maintenance time or wear tear of parts that uses for along period of time. Also, in no event should media having a width of 50 cm (19-11/16 in.) or less be used. Doing so may lead to danger of overheating and damage of some components. The scanner motor error occurred due to excessive work done.

Generally all printer machines have a limit of performing task. What I mean is you have to set printing in minimum jobs then try to cool down if you perform the maximum prints made.

Helping you with this problem first try to make a test prints. Next try to locate the scanner motor wire if the continuity is alright. If error still occur after print test was done call your service engineer so that they may double check the damage part of the printer.

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Scan Motor Code 0010 0010 and SC 0110


In a Roland SC-545EX printer, the Scan Motor Code 0010 refers to the Scan Motor Deviation Error. If you receive this error, the printer probably encountered a media jam, the carriage was moved by hand, the carriage runs over an object, or the media is caught on the media core.

The possible causes why this problem happened are: the cable has a cut-line, the cutter carriage has a loose drive wire attachment screw, there is a low wire tension, high scan motor hours, and broken or burned ICs on the board. To check the issue and possibly fix it:

  • Check the wire attachment screw and wire tension.
  • Move the print carriage and cutter manually and then check for any obstructions or obstacles on the linear rail or for any certain resistance.
  • Check the LH idler pulley for clicking. If there is, replace it.
  • Check the Y motor mounting screws as well as the wire condition.
  • If you hear a noise in the Y scan motor gear, loosen the attachment screws and then turn the scan motor away from the main gear. After that, check again the resistance on the linear bearing.
  • Clean the linear bearing using light duty oil.

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