Roland SC-545EX pump assembly does not pumping

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Roland SC-545EX pump assembly does not pumping

My Roland SC-545EX does not firing inks completely because the pump assembly does not pumping.

The pump assembly still working, but it doesn’t suck inks from the head.

Both of the 2 cupping connected to that pump assembly does not sucking inks.

I don’t have a budget yet for this part, is there any solution for this even if it just for temporary?

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Roland SC-545EX pump assembly does not pumping


Roland SC-545EX pump assembly does not pumping

Yes, we have the solution for that issue. That issue is just a wear and tear problem. If have too old pump-assembly, as the pump assembly gets older, the body parts of that particular pump assembly gets weaken and becomes softer because of the solvent ink.

But before we are going to disassemble your pump assembly, we will check first the tubes the wrap around the mechanism. Two tubes wrap in both sides of the pump assembly with four ends. The other end is for the waste container,and the input side or the other end is for the capping. This tube can be blocked by ink or it has clogged. Clean the tubes with the guitar string by inserting the string inside the tubes to remove the clog.

You may also found maybe a little damage on the body of the pump assembly which this area is moving outside when pumping is in progress. This might be the reason why the pump doesn’t work. To temporary fix this, expose your pump assembly to sunlight for about 2 to 3 hours to make the surface dried and back to its hardiness.

Be sure that before exposing to sunlight, the pump assembly was cleaned by cleaning solution and freed from ink.


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Roland SC-545EX pump assembly does not pumping


Good day,

You can try this recommendations that might could help you:

Most of the inks that are 3rd party should not be left unattended for long since it might clog.

Safety measure is mandatory when pulling the syringe for the dampers would be damaged.

Clean the whole system with fluid, ink should all be sucked out. Possibility of unrecovered heads when damaged.


  1. After replacing all the cap tops
  2. Pull the ink from cap top line
  3. Absence of ink, susceptible of air leak. Notice the syringe the presence of bubbles.
  4. Also try at the dampers to use ink, observe if you are getting ink.
  5. Presence of ink, check the fuse with OHM meter. Be sure the Power is Off.
  6. Check then the condition if it's now working.

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