I Can’t Get My Printer To Print Essential Documents.

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Printer is a useful device to being the computer files on paper. But the worst thing is that your printer does not print .what to do if i can't get my printer to print?

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I Can’t Get My Printer To Print Essential Documents.


Whenever you deal with a computer problem, try the easiest solutions first. When a printer as an issue, make sure your printer is on, or the tray has paper in it. Check if the ink is filled. Check that cable is connected. If all the above problems do not exists then follow the steps:

1) Open start menu.

2) Search printers and faxes.

3) From the list of printers search your printer and make sure it is ready to work.

4) If it is offline right click on the name and select use printer online.

5) Set your printer as default printer.

6) Right-click on the printer and select properties.

7) Go to general tab and click on print any document to confirm if the printer is working.

8) If you cannot print the test page, restart your computer.

9) If that does not solve the issue, try to reinstall the printer again.

Go to the website of your printer’s manufacture and download the software

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