Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 battery charging time

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I am presently using Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 for the past three weeks. I have a serious issue with the battery. I want to know the correct time duration for my tablet to charge completely? My tablet takes approximately 10 hours to charge and I wonder if that is right? What could be the feasible cause for such long charge period?

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 battery charging time


Most of the android Samsung galaxy tab 3 10.1 users are experiencing problem with large charging time. If the battery is completely drained then it will take 6 hours to get it full charge. If there is any running background application or enabled Wi-Fi or 3G, charging time will increase from 6 hours. You have to follow the below solutions to resolve the issue.

Solution 1: Change the brightness mode from manual to auto.

Solution 2: Use the Samsung Charger.

Solution 3: Use an interface plug that has required resistor, between your charger and the Samsung galaxy tab 3.

Solution 4: Cobble up two USB plugs with the required R (resistance) between D+ and D-.

Note: The Samsung chargers apparently have a resistor between the D+ and D- connections on the USB connector to tell the tablet that the charger can support a high rate of charge. If the tablet cannot detect such a resistor, it refuses to charge properly if the battery is already at a low-charge status.

Solution 5: Close all back ground running applications and turn off Wi-Fi and 3G before plug in for charging the device.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 battery charging time


When using the tablet for the first time, you can check the packaging or the manual that came with your device for the proper charging time of the battery. The correct initial charging time for the battery is always included in the manual. But if it’s not a new battery or you’ve been using your device for quite awhile, you don’t need to have a specific time for charging.

You just need to check it once in a while until the battery is fully charged and then you can remove it from charging. When you bought a new battery or a new device, the battery comes partially charged.

When the device is new, a fully discharged battery needs about one hour and forty-five minutes (1 hour 45 minutes) to charge to fifty percent (50%) and four hours and four minutes (4 hours 4 minutes) to charge to one hundred percent (100%).

But, of course, if the battery is old and you’ve been using it for many months already, you will experience a decrease in the performance and this is normal. According to AT&T, you can use the tablet even when it is charging.

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