Acer Aspire 5732Z: Issue with screen brightness

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To all the experts, I need your attention to resolve the following issue.

I have been using Acer Aspire 5732Z laptop for over one year and enjoying a great service from this machine. But I need to deal with brightness problem urgently. Previously it was running on Windows Vista platform. But last week I installed Windows 7 and after then I can’t change the brightness by pressing Fn+Arrow keys.

I have absolutely no clue why is this happening. Every other thing is going very well except this issue. Is this happening for installing any incompatible driver?

But all the hardware drivers seem good.

Please help me regarding this display problem.

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Acer Aspire 5732Z: Issue with screen brightness


I have read the issue that you have  and as a windows 7 user here are the information and solution that we have for the issue:

  1. Click start menu at the lower left part of the screen
  2. On the right side of the start menu, click on Control Panel
  3. A screen will load up, we need to make sure that at the upper right side of the screen, the View by: Large icons is set up.
  4. On the list of menu that you will see, lets click power options
  5. Click on the Change plan settings for the power plan that you have. (For ex. The selected power plan is balanced (recommended) at the upper right side of that there is Change plan settings, that’s what we need to click)
  6. At the bottom part of the screen, we will see there the sliders for the adjust plan brightness, we can now adjust it to whatever you like and then click save settings after.


So once it’s been adjusted you should not have issues with the brightness of the computer. You can now adjust it anytime. Hope I answered your question.

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Acer Aspire 5732Z: Issue with screen brightness


Hi, I've come up with additional information and solution for the issue that you have just in case the issue will happen again or if you have a friend who has the same issue as you have experienced.

There is a brightness controls on the front of the monitor and the icon looks like a sun.For the laptop display, it doesn't have brightness or contrast buttons on the front. Majority of laptops, there isn't a control for setting the contrast but you can set the brightness of many laptops by pressing and holding the Fn key, and then pressing a function key that correspond to the brightness command to decrease brightness or increase brightness.

The BRIGHTNESS control, more properly called BLACK LEVEL, adds or subtracts an offset, or bias, into the red, green, and blue signals of the computer. This control should be adjusted so that black picture content displays as true black on your monitor. Misadjustment of the brightness control will result to poor quality picture reproduction on computer monitors, video monitors, and television sets.

There is also what we call Adaptive brightness in windows operating system. It's a feature in Windows that uses a light sensor to automatically adjust the display brightness to match the lighting conditions in the computer. You can usedadaptive brightness if there is a light sensor installed and enabled on your computer.

How can we check if your computer has this feature?

Here are the steps that can help you check or turn on the adaptive brightness feature of the computer:

1. Click Start

2. Click Control panel on the right side of the start menu

3. Click System and Security on the window that will load up

4. Click Power options

5. Click Change plan settings on the power plan that you are using

6. Click Change advanced power settings

7. Expand Display, and then expand Enable adaptive brightness

8. When your using the battery power, you can use the adaptive brightness by clicking On battery, and then, in the list, click On or Off

9. To turn adaptive brightness on or off when your computer is plugged into an outlet, just click Plugged in, and then, in the list, click On or Off

10. Click Apply and then Click OK Hopefully I have resolve the issue that you have.

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