Repeated null pointer exceptions continuously in JAVA

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While programming in Java in my latest version of netbeans, whenever I try to execute my program it shows null pointer exception though I have declared and initialized the variables. Can it be due to some other reasons also? If yes, what are they? Or can it be due to improper or incomplete installation of Netbeans?

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Repeated null pointer exceptions continuously in JAVA


In Java, NullPointerException is a RuntimeException. You can assign or allocate a special null value to an object reference and when you try to use an object reference or an application tries to use an object reference that contains the null value, the NullPointerException error is thrown. The image below is an example of a code that triggers the NullPointerException error.

The NullPointerException is one of the drawbacks of Java and also the most common source of bugs. In the example above, it doesn’t create an object and the compiler doesn’t detect it. It is one of the most common exceptions thrown in Java.

The main reason why a null value is used is because most of the time an object reference needs to be created before the actual object is created and you cannot create an object reference without a value. That’s why a null value is put to it. To fix it, you need to identify the null values that cause the NullPointerException error.

For more information on how to fix it, go to What is NullPointerException then scroll down and find “What is a NullPointerException?” like in the image below.

Check the steps below it titled “How do I fix it?” to learn how you can fix it.

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