What is Object-Orientation in Java?

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I have heard that Java programming is based on object orientation. 

What, exactly, is object orientation?

When we speak of Java programming, how does object orientation help developers? 

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What is Object-Orientation in Java?


Hello Sherrywcarr,

The basic idea of object orient programming is developing a program just assuming something as an object.

Object is something in the real world.

For Eg:- Vehicle, Chair, Table, Person etc.

The object has two types of components

1. Properties
The details of the object (For Eg: Name, Color, Weight, Height etc.)

2. Method
The things that object can do (For Eg: Can Run, Can Sit, Can Keep etc.)

Just think you want to develop Student Enrolment System. In this case Student is the object and student can have properties and method.

Student (Object Name)


Registration Number



Contact Number

Course Followed




Face Exam


By designing properties and methods for a object and calling to this properties and methods when required, assuming this generating software application is called object oriented programming. This is  the most basic idea of Object Orientation.

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