Remote Control RD-427E cannot working properly

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I have 2 projectors NEC VT 480 and only 1 remote control RD-427E. The remote control is working very well and I can use the remote control to operate both projectors.

The problem is there are 2 buttons representing mouse that seems not to be working. When I tried using PowerPoint to run some slides, I can’t seem to change slides automatically using those buttons ( L-Click and R-Click) and I have to do it manually on the laptop to get it done. I can use the other buttons to change the view from computer 1 to computer 2 just fine.

I have checked the User Manual for the projector and it never mentions anything on how to use the remote control. I mean it would be wonderful if the buttons are working and I don’t have to purchase a wireless pointing device for presentation or the USB version of the pointing device the next time I run PowerPoint.

Does anybody have a user manual on how to operate the remote control RD-427E? Or maybe any suggestions on how to fix it? Please let me know soon because there’s going to be a meeting event that might cause a problem if the remote control cannot work properly.

Thanks mate,
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Remote Control RD-427E cannot working properly


Hi David,

Your NEC VT480 LCD Projector is a nice tool for presentations involving the use of PowerPoint slides. The feature you wanted, intending to use the mouse L and R keys on the remote to change slides, instead of the mouse or laptop touchpad is possible. The remedy posted here will surely answer all your confusion regarding use of the remote control RD-427E.

  1. Download the two user manuals: USER MANUAL 1 and USER MANUAL 2 respectively. The first one is for the RD-427E remote control and the second one is for using the VT480 with it. You can however use both as reference. Go to page 33 of the manual titled “Using Remote Mouse Receiver”.
  2. It says that if you intend to use the remote control L and R controls to change slides during presentations, you will need a USB compatible remote mouse receiver.
  3. Connect the remote mouse receiver USB connector to your laptop’s USB port, and wait for a few seconds to be detected.
  4. Connect the VGA RGB connector from your laptop to the projector and configure. Wait for the display to project on the screen.
  5. Open a sample PowerPoint slide on your laptop.
  6. Get the RD-427E remote control, point it at the remote mouse receiver connected to the laptop. Click on the L and R buttons to move the slides forward or backwards.
  7. You’re done!

Now enjoy the convenience of clicking on slides using your remote control. You don’t have to purchase a pointing device.

Note: Check if the remote mouse receiver is bundled for your particular projector. Contact NEC or any of its distributors if you don’t have the remote mouse receiver here.

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