New Dock Model Introduced: Thunderbolt

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Sunix created the newest docking station model. It has more ports than a typical docking station. It has a Blu-ray writer and a SATA HDD enclosure which supports hot swapping.

Will this docking station work for all types of computers?

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New Dock Model Introduced: Thunderbolt




Yes, this is one of the good news that Sunix has unveiled at COMPUTEX this year, and that is the launching of their Thunderbolt docking station, which till the time this communication is going on is the most comprehensive solution for the Notebooks / MacBook’s / UltraBooks to be launched.

This DS has :

1- Four USB 3.0 ports.

2- One Gigabit LAN Port.

3- SPDIF and Multiformat card reader.

4- A slim type Blue Ray writer.

5- One 3.5 inch single-bay SATA 6 Gbps HDD enclosure which supports Hot-Swapping.

Facility of two thunderbolt ports enables the daisy chaining of additional Thunderbolt devices like external display. This means the limited port notebooks etc. Can be converted into a desktop PC.

In my opinion it will become a must for every Notebook / Ultrabook user, and the bad news is that you have to wait for Q4 of 2012 for its actual launch.

Sunix has unveiled at COMPUTEX One 3.5 inch single-bay SATA 6 Gbps HDD enclosure which supports Hot-Swapping.



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New Dock Model Introduced: Thunderbolt


Thunderbolt, known as the mother of all docks, includes driver supports on portable computers that have Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac operating systems. It can improve any Mac notebook or Ultrabook which have limited ports and connectors into a complete desktop workstation with one Thunderbolt cable. Aside from the features you mentioned, here are the other specifications and features included on Sunix’s ultimate Thunderbolt docking station:

· Hot-swapping 3.5-inch single bay SATA HDD enclosure.

· Slim type Blu-ray optical disk writer.

· Four USB 3.0.

· 1 GB Ethernet.

· Multi-format card reader.

· SPDIF – stereo audio playback.

· Two Thunderbolt channels of 10 Gbps for daisy-chaining of other external devices.

Sunix plans to launchThunderbolt docking station on the last quarter of 2012, however the price is still unknown.

Thunderbolt docking station

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