Remapping shared drive reconnecting issue

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I am Robert Sunday and I got a problem with our shared drive.

In the company where I am working, it is just fine to do work from home. So, I am doing work from home every Friday.

I am just a little bit disgusted about my laptop’s access. Whenever I am connecting on our shared drive through our office, it is just fine. But, whenever I do connect on my laptop at home, using Safe word, I always need to do a remapping of our shared drive.

It has been a tired work for me to map it every Friday, and I am sure I have saved it to reconnect to the drive every logon. Please help out.



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Remapping shared drive reconnecting issue


Hi Robert,
When you work from home you connect to your VPN using Safeword client.  With this setup, you are not directly logged in your offices domain (network).  With this you cannot browse the Network Neighborhood.  You will need to ask the assistance of your local network administrators to setup a batch file (to reconnect your mapped drives)  that will be saved on your desktop, for easy access.
The syntax that your local network administrators can use are as follows:

net use p: \ password /user:naclarence.spicer

You can ask them to have all the network drives be set on that batch file.  The only thing that you will do then, is to double click that batch file after connecting to your VPN.

Hope that this can assist you on your concern.

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