Multiple problems with Leadwell MCV-550-e Mill

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I am facing some problems when I attempt to drop feed into the meldas mo on a Leadwell MCV-550-e Mill.

When I entered the program number in in/out screen and hit 1 for RS-232 with DC to 1 and hit input I received an "ERROR OVER LABEL" message. I don’t know how to solve it. But if I go on to hit input it does read subsequently till the end of program is read.


If I go to the search screen and enter the program value and hit input, the alarm light goes on and in diagnosis I get 201 messages DEVICE I/F ERR. The message is either I/O malfunction, I/O power off, error transfer speed, or error in dc code setting.

I am running a 9 pin to 25 pin cable and I am transferring data in in/out screen. If anybody has the layout I would be grateful. I have put the DC code to 0 and 1 in parameters on line 9. I don’t know about this problem. Please help. Thanks in advance.

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Multiple problems with Leadwell MCV-550-e Mill



Your post sounds more like a technical application that requires hardware interfacing. I’ve done and used a program before that directly controls a hardware attached on the CPU via the printer port but it’s very less complicated and only basic. Unlike this, it seems like you are working on a much technical software that controls a particular hardware or device attached to the computer.

First things up, you should know what you are doing. If this project is from your school then you need to go back to your notes again and understand the details. If this project is a different one that came from somewhere else then read some vital notes again. I know the software you are using has its own manual to follow so you better check it again and see why the problem happened. And you should also see some notes on the proper application on the device you are interfacing with. The best way to find the solution to this is to obtain an example on how it is done and applied and then just follow the whole procedure on your own project.

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