Red x on network icon

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I am using a 4 MB connection. i have plugged in all my wires properly in the modem, as well as in LAN card but I have a red X on my network icon, in the notification area.

My browser is still working correctly. How to remove the red X from the network icon, in the notification area.


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Red x on network icon


Actually red X mark in your network icon means that you haven't plug any wire in your modem or in your PC.

Sometimes this problem can be occur either:

  • The cable wire is not functioning well from the modem to the PC.

Be sure to check it in other UNIT, if it occurs then replace the cable wire.

  • Your operating system has a problem in your local host connection.

You need to REFORMAT it again, if the problem occurs, then go to the other option mentioned above.

  • Your MODEM is in OFF mode.

So be sure to turn everything from the main plug until the tip of the CPU port.

  • The motherboard port thru the CABLE wire is broke or not functioning.

Return the board if it is under warranty, if not, then find a technician in your place that can fix the port.

Or you can buy a LAN CARD in COMPUTER SALES as shown below.

I hope this will help you….



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Red x on network icon


Hi Lukaz,

Local Area Network status has Red X mark; this means that there is no communication between your computer and the network. Modem and computer miss the ranging hits. This could be an issue with cable runs between them or the connector that connects these 2 devices. It is advisable to restart computer first before you'll check everything. Secure the cord tightly and correctly. You should hear a click sound when the cord is attached to the right place.

Need to Ponder on this issue;

  • Check Cat5 cord from computer to access point (modem);
  • Unplug and re-plug  Rj45 on both ends;
  • Replace Cat5 cord if needed;
  • Switch Cat5 cord if everything fails.

If everything is secured and connected;

  • Restart your computer ;
  • Disable and enable Local Area Network ;
  • Disable and enable Network Interface Card ;
  • Uninstall if needed ;
  • Check with your Internet Service Provider for possible network issue.

These are the steps to fix this issue.

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