Read About Unpacking Failed Crc Error In Detail.

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Hi everyone,

I wish to ask about unpacking failed crc error in brief. If anybody is having any clue regarding this, then please explain it in reply.

Thank you in advance.

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Read About Unpacking Failed Crc Error In Detail.


“an error occurred when unpacking” can be due to the uploads

by Microsoft Windows users.

To resolve this error, stop “SABnzbd” and change a line in the file sabnzbd.ini with the location as:

Look for this line:


unpack_check = 1

and replace it with


unpack_check = 0

Also, upgrade your version to Beta4, it does not support Beta1 anymore.

Some other problems are CRC errors.
Whenever unrar unpacks the document without any problem, that means the rar-files are correct.
It would also throw suspicion on the program of unrar which is in combination with the program.

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Read About Unpacking Failed Crc Error In Detail.


If you were installing an application and setup returned a CRC error when preparing the files for installation, it means your installer is damaged. There is no remedy for that. You cannot fix a CRC error on a file or an archive. If the application you are installing is a download, just re-download the file and try again.

If the same thing happened, it means the site’s file is corrupt. Try downloading the program from a different website maybe you can find a working installer. Basically, when you run the installer to install a program, the setup file will first unpack or extract the files in a temporary folder. Once all files have been extracted, it will begin the setup process.

There are times during the extraction process, one of the files contained in the installer is corrupt and this usually halts the extraction. When this happens, the installation will not continue and you will not be able to install the program.

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