Dell U2414h No Displayport Cable

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I purchased the Dell U24141h monitor. Today I received the delivery and when I tried to connect it to my computer, I got the dell u2414h no displayport cable error. I checked and the cable was connected. How to solve this?

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Dell U2414h No Displayport Cable


The Dell U24141h is an LCD monitor. The thing is that this monitor comes with multiple input options including displayport, mini-displayport, HDMI, etc. The error you are getting, displayport cable not found is very common among buyers.

You may get the no displayport cable error when you connect the monitor to your computer for the first time. This can occur because of two reasons. One, the connection is loose. Check the connection and make sure it is tight. Second, your GPU is not configured correctly. Because this monitor has multiple input options, you need to configure your GPU to the same option that you are using to connect to the monitor. This will solve your problem.

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Dell U2414h No Displayport Cable


If you have Dell U2713H or U2414H LCD monitor, you may encounter the following message:

“No DisplayPort Cable”

You may receive this error when setting up the display. Most of the time, the cause of the problem is a failure to properly connect the cables between the display and the computer or in the configuration of the OSD or On Screen Display menu of the LCD monitor.

If the OSD is configured for a different port than the one where your display is currently connected, the main OSD screen will not display. To check if the correct port is selected, press the OSD menu then go to “Input Source.” Here, select the correct port where your monitor is connected.

Also, check and verify that the cable of the monitor is connected properly to the computer.

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