Read About Types Of Microsoft Windows In Detail.

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Hi everyone,

I wish to ask about types of microsoft windows in brief. If anybody is having any clue regarding this, then please explain it in reply.

Thank you in advance.

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Read About Types Of Microsoft Windows In Detail.


Microsoft Windows, is a meta-family of graphical OS marketed, developed by Microsoft. It comprises of several families of operating systems, where each caters to some sector of the computing organization along with the operating system associated with IBM PC architecture. Windows families include Windows NT and Embedded; these might encompass subfamilies as well, like Windows Embedded Compact or Windows Server. Defunct families include Windows 9x and Windows Phone.


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Read About Types Of Microsoft Windows In Detail.


Microsoft Windows is a GUI or a graphical user interface for MS-DOS which Microsoft announced on November 10, 1983. It is the counterpart of the Macintosh operating system. The early versions of Microsoft Windows, from Windows 1.0 until Windows 3.11, were literally just programs run from MS-DOS which then takes control of the screen and launches the application called “Program Manager.”

The succeeding version, Windows 95, is now the computer’s own operating system but it is still based on MS-DOS. It uses a 16-bit DOS-based kernel and a 32-bit user space. This version introduced many features that still remain in the current version of Microsoft Windows like the Start menu, taskbar, and Windows Explorer. In Windows 8, Windows Explorer was renamed to File Explorer.

One year after its release, Microsoft released Windows NT 4.0 to manufacturing in July 1996. It is available in four versions: Workstation, Server, Server Enterprise edition, and Terminal Server. After this, in 1998, Microsoft released Windows 98 which included Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 and the Windows Desktop Update. The inclusion of these two features led to the well-known anti-trust case.

This version also included the plug and play feature that allowed devices to work easily when plugged in instead of requiring a system restart. On February 17, 2000, Microsoft released Windows 2000. It is part of the Windows NT family bearing the version number “Windows NT 5.0.” It is available in four editions: Professional, Server, Advanced Server, and Datacenter Server.

After this came Windows Millennium, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, Windows 10, and Windows Server 2016.

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