Read About Rd Gateway Server Settings In Detail.

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I want to understand about rd gateway server settings in brief. I have no clue about the server settings, but I am willing to know that.

Can someone help me with that, please?

Thank you.

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Read About Rd Gateway Server Settings In Detail.


You can configure the RD Gateway settings by following the below steps:

  1. First, on the RD Host server, open the Remote App Manager. For that, click Start, and expand Administrative Tools, then expand Remote Desktop Services, and select Remote App Manager.
  2. In RemoteApp Manager’s Action pane, click RD Gateway Settings.
  3. Then, under RD Gateway tab, configure the RD Gateway behavior you desire. You can choose whether to automatically detect server settings, to use settings that you specify, or not to use an RD server at all.
  4. After completing the configuration, click OK.
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