RAM randomly goes up to 100% in windows 7

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Hey there,

I recently switched to Windows 7 from Windows XP, and something I have noticed in when I'm working is, suddenly my RAM usage goes up to 100% , and my PC becomes damn slow.

Is there any chance that it may occur due to high RAM usage ?

These are my PC specs:

CPU: Quad Q6600 @ 3.2GHz | GPU: Radeon HD 6950 | Mobo: Asus P5Q P45 | RAM: OCZ 4GB 1066GHz | HDD: 2x 1TB Samsung, 1x2TB

Thank you.

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RAM randomly goes up to 100% in windows 7


Hello there,

RAM usage suddenly goes up when working. This is normal because applications need RAM to run, considering the background application that is turned on suddenly rising is normal.

However, as you said your PC slows down that is not normal and it is possible that there is a virus or an application that is leeching your RAM I will give you some solutions for it.

solution A.

"" Task manager Check ""

A. Firstly go to your taskbar and right click it, a pop should appear.

B. Now select Task Manager ;

C. Now a new window should pop up, now select processes ;

D. Now I want you to wait for the time that your PC slows down ;

C. When you feel that your PC has been slowing down, go back to Task Manager ;

D. In the processes tab look for an application that has the highest RAM usage ( its displayed as ex. 5000 K)

F. Now if you find something with very high RAM usage, right click and select end processes



Soluton B

A . If you have an installed Anti Virus Try running a full scan search and see if your PC is virus free High ram usage is usually from viruses

Solution C

If none of these work the best and hassle free way of solving that problem is reformatting your PC.

If you don't know how, ask your local technician to do it.

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RAM randomly goes up to 100% in windows 7


It seems your RAM usage is critically high.

This may happen sometimes due to a Trojan called “Ultra Defragged”. It takes programs that you do not do anything with and eats the RAM memory.  

Then you have to clean the whole machine. If this is the case, get rid of this problem from the link here Malwarebytes.

On the other hand, you might have used Windows 7 64-bit version and your 64-bit applications may have functioned properly because of this compatibility.

However, Windows XP is a 32-bit program and it is not compatible with 64-bit applications.

As a solution, you have to check whether you have installed any 64-bit applications with Windows XP.

Also, do not forget to check whether your RAM is working properly.



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RAM randomly goes up to 100% in windows 7


Windows Media Player and Windows Media Network Sharing Services are appropriate for answering.

Up gradation from OS to another impacts a lot on the computer system.

For example the default search location for media is changed to C:Users instead of down in the My Music folders.
The location should not be near to the root directory like c:any file; rather it should be like c:xyzmediafile.
If you have multiple users who log in to the computer, you may need to repeat the process for each user if all users have added managed folders which are actively changing on a regular basis.
If this is your issue and you do it correctly, then the high CPU should drop in minutes (or seconds down to nothing).
This is the CORRECT way to adjust the WMNSS/WMPNetwk.exe process issues.

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