Quicktime File Error Number: 0x800040707

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Hi TechyV,

I am installing a standalone QuickTime file on my computer and this error message popped up.

I have tried reinstalling it and turned off my Windows Defender and anti-virus software but it still fails to install.

Has anyone encountered error code 0x800040707 and solved it?

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated, thank you.

error code 0x800040707-Dll function call crashed:ISRT .PathGetSpecialFolder

Unhandled Exception

Error Number: 0x800040707

Description: Dll function call crashed:ISRT.PathGetSpecialFolder

Setup will now terminate.


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Quicktime File Error Number: 0x800040707


Did you try to re-install the programs (iTunes + quick time) on the existing install file. Look’s like your uninstaller is missing from the computer so you have to install it over the existing file.

Also,you can’t run iTunes without QuickTime, and if it is corrupt you also can’t iTunes.

So download them from here. Then re-install the QuickTime first and then the iTunes. If you see that it does not work you have to format your primary partition where your windows exist, and install the windows again.

It removes all the corrupt file no matter how.

Thank you.

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Quicktime File Error Number: 0x800040707


You might have downloaded a QuickTime installer that is not a trustworthy software.

Solution 1:

You should have downloaded the web installer together with iTunes, but this is only applicable if you have an Apple product in your hands.

Solution 2:

Do the same download it in the web but this time. Type in the search button QuickTime player to make sure that it is only QuickTime player your downloading and installing.

Solution 3:

Ask for friends or somebody that you know that has the software and sure that it is 100% safe.

Remember to avoid downloading illegal software in the web. This software is free if you go to Apple.com.

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