When you say back-up in downloading what does it really mean?

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I am always confused by the terms use or the internet slang that people use. When you say back-up to download, what does it mean? Do we have to download another software to be able to do that? Will that affect our computer? What is the best way to do when it says back-up and download a photo by using Instagram?

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When you say back-up in downloading what does it really mean?


Hi there

To back up files usually means that you have to make another copy of your files so that if you corrupt them, accidentally delete them, or whatever, you'll have the other copy to use.

Now, you can make a copy onto your computer, but this won't protect you from a failed hard drive. So, backups are usually copies stored on other devices such as CD or DVD, external disks, flash disks,

Then, to be even more sure, you would take the back up at regular intervals (monthly, weekly, daily, etc) and store that back up in a different location so that if there was a fire (for example), you'd still have your data.

But when you mention this about Instagram, Back-uping a photo in it means you are using Instagram to keep your photos, or files. You are using Instagram as your tool to protect your files that in case you accidentally delete it, or your computer would crash you would still have these files kept in Instagram.

So when it says  back-up and download a photo by using Instagram this is what you’ll do

  • First visit Instaport.me
  • Sign into Instagram account and grant Instaport me to access your Instagram account information.
  • Now the two accounts are connected.
  • Now choosing the export service, you can either download all your photos to your local disk in a .zip file, plus by time, there would be more functions using which you can download share all your photos to other social networks like Facebook, Flickr, Google Plus and more. Click on Start Export button to start the export.
  • If you want to download, share or backup selected Instagram photos, you can use the Advanced Options which provides plenty of features. Please be patient, as exporting photos from Instagram can take time. Once it’s done, a link will appear, using which you can download the whole set to your local drives.
  • Either download all, dated between, last few photos and more. Most of the much-needed options are covered in Advanced option menu.
  • Last Option is a bit unique and quite a nice feature, using which you can download all your photos sharing a specific tag. Good option if you are a Instagram user and categorize your photos based on Tags, which offers easier downloading.

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