Query on upgrading TOS to use Metric Package

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I need to upgrade the TOS first before I can use the software for metric package. And also, I cannot have access if I am a shareholder of the software’s competitor. So our vendor is suggesting me to sell my stock on metric package to get an access and use the software.  Are there any other ways to deal with it so I can still use the software without having to do the required steps? Please help.

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Query on upgrading TOS to use Metric Package


It is quite possible that if you sale your stock on metric package, there might be a removal of some access files that are needed. The TOS that you are talking about upgrading has nothing to do with the metric package. You can simply update it.

  1. Update the TOS.
  2. Embed it in your metric package at any time before or after you sale it.
  3. Keep using it until the vendor is not interested in it.
  4. You will get an access if you sale your half stock instead of full and then keep using the software till you sale your whole stock.
  5. There is one more thing, as soon as you sale your whole stock, you might not be able to access the software so better make your decision better.

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