Beeping simultaneously problem with my PC

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Hi Guyz,

My problem is, When I switched on one of PC in my office,it started beeps a lot. I picked up its RAM as usually done and made clean.After putting it again the same beep was there.Then i replaced the RAM,But Processer didn't start. Power supply is well working then where is the problem.


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Beeping simultaneously problem with my PC

When there is an consistent beep on your System. That would be a trigger alarm. Your computer shouldn't run if you hear this kind of alarm and it is impossible to run at this state, so the computer signals "stop the computer and turn it off. This is just a trial an error if you hear this beeps. You can't determine your processor if it's working or not unless you try to look at the BIOS settings. What you mean your processor didn't work is because the fun didn't turn on. 
Check the wire that would trigger the processor fan to not turning. (Your processor will not function if your processor fan
will not turning), it just function for awhile then after a few minutes it will automatically shuts down because the processor is overheated.
Tony Stevenson

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