Difference between Bluetooth and infrared.

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What are the differences between Bluetooth and infrared?

The working is the same of these.

These both techniques are used to transfer the data.

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Difference between Bluetooth and infrared.



Hello Dear,

It is true that the purpose of Bluetooth and Infrared is the same.

These both are used to transfer the data. But there are many major differences between them.

Bluetooth has a great speed to transfer the data whereas infrared has very low data transfer speed.

Infrared transfers about 2kbps and Bluetooth can transfer 1mbps.

Bluetooth has not guided direction recommendations.

Like there is no issue if we change the side of Bluetooth while transferring the data.

But in infrared, we have to fix the both devices in front of each other. If the direction of infrared points changed, the transmission will be stopped.

Infrared works only in straight direction. The best example of infrared is the remote control.

We cannot give any command to TV until we turn it to the TV sensor. The sensor of TV and remote should be in straight line and in front to each other.

I hope this is enough to clear your concept.


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