Queries on Samsung S5511T Mobile Phone

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Hello experts,

I recently purchased Samsung S5511T mobile phone and I have some queries regarding it. I want my phone to automatically connects on the Bluetooth in my car when I turn it on. This is because I want to set it up so my phone can answer incoming calls without needing to press the button on my device. I already tried this Bluetooth Setup on my old device with my Mitsubishi and it works. I just want to know how to do it with Samsung S5511T. Also, I can see a running man icon on top of my display screen. I want to know what it means. Can someone please help me?


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Queries on Samsung S5511T Mobile Phone


Hi Jose,
The steps to connect your Samsung phone with the car Bluetooth device are as follows:
1) Switch ON the phone WiFi
2) Place the car in neutral mode, Start the ignition, Press the Bluetooth option near the steering wheel
3) After Bluetooth is ON, select the Bluetooth option in the voice message
4) Spell the 4 digit pin for Bluetooth connection
5) Enter the type of phone being paired with the car
6) Set the priority number of the phone Bluetooth to be used
7) Enter the same Bluetooth pin in the Samsung phone
8) Complete the connection wizard of Bluetooth in the cell phone
9) The device Bluetooth is set with the car Bluetooth
The phone can be answered automatically rather then pressing the button by the following steps:
1) Switch the Bluetooth ON in the phone
2) Connect the wireless headset with the phones Bluetooth
3) Launch the phone application from the home screen
4) Select the call settings option, select 'Call accessories'
5) Check the 'automatic answering' checkbox
To remove the running man symbol from the top of the display follow the steps stated below:
1) Go to 'Menu', Click 'Settings'
2) Go to 'Sound Profile', set the value to 'Normal'
3) This setting will remove the running man symbol

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