Python For The Emerging Field Of Artificial Intelligence

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Why is python such a popular choice as a programming language for the emerging field of Artificial Intelligence?


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Python For The Emerging Field Of Artificial Intelligence


Python among all is most popular as it offers the least hindrance of learning the syntax. It is much like the English language, we speak every day. For example, let us consider the classic ‘hello world” program and compare the complexity of the code in Java, C, and python.

You can easily see that in python, it just takes a single line of code to print, whereas in C and Java it takes around 7 lines of code to do the same.

Now since python is an interpreter based language, it is clear that the programs written in python are slower than compiled binaries of C and even than slower than the byte codes generated in Java. All this is compensated by the modern day fast processors.

  • Now coming to its vast usage in the field of AI, the main reasons are :
    The simplicity to write code removes the complexity from big programs and facilitates in organizing the code.
  • Pseudo-codes written from English can be easily turned into python code without much hustling with the syntax.
  • There are a lot of open-source libraries available in python, such as “NumPy” “SciPy” and “Pandas”. These libraries already contain Machine Learning Algorithms implemented in the form of functions that can be directly used in the programs without any hustle.

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