I receive the following error message when I create new feature and click on ‘Edit Components’ and I also get this error during panels. I encounter this message at the two different areas of the website. I couldn’t solve it now I need your help to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Any assistance would be appreciated.


An AJAX HTTP error occurred.

HTTP Result Code: 403

Debugging information follows.


StatusText: Forbidden


403 forbidden

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Hello fellow Techyv members,

Can someone help me with a horizontal scroll AJAX menu with animation effects?

I would like to have a multilevel horizontal menu and AJAX load able sub menus.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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To all Techyv members, I hope all is well. Please help me how to  create PDF Ajax view call generator code. What are the steps and process for this kind of scripting? Your examples would really help. Also, include an overview for this kind of script as well as the issues encountered in creating it. I'll be waiting for your answers. 

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Hi expert, I need to ask a question about MYSQL. Please explain me how can I add Ajax dashboard in PHP mysql? Most time I tried to create an Ajax dashboard in PHP mysql but my PC is slow when working with MYSQL. Please suggest me what was that problem? Thank you.

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I have a 16 GB LTE iPad with the Dual Core A5 chipset.  I was wondering if I can install AJAX-ZOOM on my iPad?  I use AJAX-ZOOM on my e-commerce website to convert images by batch and view in full screen.  It would be a bonus if I could put it on my iPad as I am now always on the go.  Can AJAX ZOOM image full screen capable in iPad?

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Hello, I am looking for some source code examples that I can integrate into a website just by copying and pasting.  I prefer the source code to be an Ajax image zoomer code written for a PHP page . Can someone help me find an Ajax image zoomer source code?

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I have been assigned for PHP web application Project I am also using Ajax scripting I want to search from few information about data. 

Which is already present in database by using index search if you have some script reference or have a script like this please share.

With and mail me as subject mention ajax PHP database search demo please guide.

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Is there an ajax upload photo plug-in wherein I can resize file using JQuery.  I'm using Safari+ as browser on my Macbook OSx Mountain Lion.  I'm looking for a plug-in with progress bar and can upload multiple files.

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Hi guys, I need help with my ajax mysql installation. Is there a website the provides step by step training or tutorial for this one. Thanks in advance for helping me out. 

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Can I split the pager of a single gallery into multiple parts using JQuery Cycle 1.8 plug-in without changing any code?  Need help on how to jquery split out gallery.  Many thanks.

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