How to connect to a router?

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I have a Desktop pc and I want to connect it to a router to browse Internet but I am not able to do so.

Every time I try to connect it says signal not available.What should I do?

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How to connect to a router?


Routers (whether they are wired or wireless) are use either to connect to the internet or share files from one computer to another. We use them if there are a lot of peripherals involve instead of getting separate connection devices for each.  To connect to the internet using a router you must have the basic requirements:

  1. Your device (laptop, desktop, gaming console) that you would like to connect to the internet
  2. Ethernet cable if you are not going to use a wireless connection
  3. Modem which will be the base of your connection (from the telephone line to the router going to your computer)
  4. ISP (Internet Service Provider) account
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How to connect to a router?


If you have a desktop computer and you want to connect it to a router, there are two ways to do that. You can connect your computer either via cable or wirelessly using a Wi-Fi adapter. But of the two, the cheapest is the cable.

Ethernet cable

You can buy an Ethernet cable like this one, 15M 50 FT RJ45 CAT5 CAT5E Ethernet LAN, to connect your computer to the router. The only downside I see on using a cable is the distance. Your distance from the router is limited only to the entire length of the cable.

This means if you buy a slightly short Ethernet cable, you probably need to move your computer a little closer to the router so you can connect the cable to the router. But other than that, connection is pretty stable.

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