Prolink h9601 ADSL Modem not working in Ubuntu 13.10?

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I have installed Ubuntu 13.10 on my desktop after installing I can't use my PROLINK hurricane h9601 modem to connect to the internet.The drivers provided by the vendor doesn't support with Ubuntu 13.04 and I have searched several palaces in the internet but the given solutions only work with Ubuntu 9.04.Does anybody know how to fix it? 

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Prolink h9601 ADSL Modem not working in Ubuntu 13.10?



Linux driver for your router is eciadsl. On eciadsl web page you can download it. You can choose from Debian, Fedora and OpenSuse packages over Gentoo ebuilds to source file. Ubuntu is Debian based so it uses .deb packages so you wish to download the .deb package and install it. In case it fails to install, download the source. Before making it install gnu make, automake and cmake packages. Open terminal and type sudo apt-get install make cmake automake and press enter. Untar source package ( tar xvjf ), cd into it and run ./configure. After it configures run make && sudo make install && make clean. Reboot Ubuntu and now it should be working. To setup your network with this router you have to use pppoe.

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